In My Midst, Where are You?

“I have seen many mountains I have crossed roaring oceans. I have witnessed great winds, I have experienced great pain. And through the fiery furnace You were there with me, Through the lion’s den, You silenced their boast. But a question remains unanswered And though my heart wanders, I have not found my answers I […]

We Will Never Stop Growing

The month of April has been a struggle for me. As a senior high school student, having a summer vacation is one of the privileges I enjoy. And by summer vacation, I mean, sleeping. And so, my body was scheduled to sleep in the morning, lunch, and the afternoon. Almost throughout the day, I sleep, […]

Do Kids Ministry

´╗┐Last June 2 & 3, I volunteered in Camp Equip. Camp Equip is a camp designed for our Kids Ministry’s students, to help them with their walk with God. But as a volunteer, I believe that something also happened to me, I realized something I never had: I was clueless. I have been a volunteer […]

Keeping the Gratitude

It was this month when I was reading Jerry Bridges’ “Respectable Sin” and was convicted (through the Holy Spirit) when he talked about unthankfulness. There are moments in my life when good things happen. And I surely say, “Thank you Lord for this and that…” when I pray. But as Bridges was going through this […]

Who to Love?

The love month is finally here! What is love month without romantic movies and short stories written? I can still clearly remember that I spent February last year writing sonnets and poems. But this year, it will be different. I am now writing my reflections on how the greatest love was demonstrated. Speaking upfront, romantic […]


Have you experienced asking the question, “God?”.   There are times when we tend to distrust the intervention of God in our lives. The question is often followed by, “Do you really care?” Or, “Why are you doing this?” And commonly, the reason we tend to be in such instances are anxiety, lack of faith […]